The Jamaica Public Service Company, JPS, has restored electricity to Black River, St. Elizabeth.

Electricity was restored to the parish capital at 2:30 am on Tuesday.

JPS’ Senior VP Energy Delivery, Blaine Jarrett, says the light and power company has been doing everything it can to restore service to the critical facilities in St Elizabeth as soon as possible, and the Black River Hospital was its first priority.

Within Black River, JPS says it has also restored power to some NWC pumps at Mount Edgecombe, Luana and Darliston.

Mr. Jarrett says over the next few days, they will continue to focus on other critical facilities and, as they restore those, the communities nearby will benefit.

Meanwhile, Mr. Jarrett says it will take up to a month for service to be restored to the entire parish.

This as the electrical infrastructure in St Elizabeth was extensively damaged, and it will take weeks to repair the damage and rebuild sections of the network.

Mr. Jarrett says in order to accelerate the pace of restoration, they will be redeploying more resources to St Elizabeth.

JPS is reiterating that over the next few weeks, about 300 workers – a combination of JPS employees and contractors – will be deployed throughout the parish to do restoration work.

And, Energy Minister, Daryl Vaz says JPS has moved to assure cabinet that there will be full restoration of electricity in all areas except southern Clarendon, Manchester and St. Elizabeth by Saturday, July 13.

Daryl Vaz, Energy Minister, speaking on Nationwide This Morning on Tuesday.