There’s more pressure this afternoon from within the PNP on Opposition Leader Portia Simpson Miller to indicate when she’ll resign as party President.

PNP Region 6 Chairman, Ian Hayles, says he supports intensifying calls in the party for Mrs. Simpson Miller to indicate when she’ll step down.

Hayles is also the Member of Parliament for West Hanover. He’s the first senior member of the PNP to publicly call for Simpson Miller to say when she’ll resign.

Mr. Hayles says he’s at a loss about the current direction of the PNP.

Hayles says he’s going public with his support for calls for Simpson Miller to tell comrades when she’ll step aside.

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Mr. Hayles says he cannot remain silent any longer.

He says enough is enough and it’s time for senior members of the PNP to step back and allow the party to make itself attractive to Jamaica.

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The West Hanover MP says the dismal state of the PNP has also convinced him to support a call by Peter Bunting for term limits to be put in place for senior positions in the party – including that of party leader.

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Hayles says the PNP has been stifling its future and its time for change now.

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