Prime Minister Andrew Holness is downplaying talk that Jamaica is entering General Election season.

Prime Minister Holness says he’s not focused on a General Election at this time.

He says further improving the lives of the people and getting the economy on a solid footing are his current priorities.

The Prime Minister says increasing speculation that he’s about to call a General Election may be premature.

The Prime Minister says it appears the gravity of the impact of COVID-19 on the economy and the lives of Jamaicans is lost on some pundits.

Prime Minister Holness was addressing a function last evening where he handed over a new multi-family house to three sisters and their children in Annotto Bay, St. Mary.

The construction took place under the social housing component of the HOPE programme.

Under the project, a board and zinc tenement yard was transformed into three attached two-bedroom units with bathrooms and other amenities, at a cost of approximately 22-point-6-million dollars.

Prime Minister Holness said the project is a sign of his administration’s commitment to improving lives.

He also took a jab at some individuals who he described as power hungry.