Prime Minister Andrew Holness has promised residents who lost their homes in Clifton, Bernard Lodge, St. Catherine on Thursday the opportunity to obtain a mortgage and a legitimate home.

He made the promise while addressing residents of the community Friday morning.

Close to 30 illegally constructed homes were demolished in the area on the instruction of the prime minister.

Mr. Holness says the residents will now have the opportunity to become regularised home owners.

The prime minister travelled to Clifton to face the residents, many of whom expressed to him their anger and frustration. The prime minister explained to the resident why it was necessary for him to give the demolition directive.

Mr. Holness says the country cannot continue to allow unplanned settlements.

He assured the residents they will not be left behind.

The prime minister pleaded with the residents to accept a formalised approach to housing and development.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

He was addressing residents of Clifton, Bernard Lodge, St. Catherine on Friday.