Principal of Mona High School in St Andrew, Kevin Jones is defending his decision to implement a bio-metric fingerprint scanning system for teachers at the school.

Mr Jones says the system was introduced after observing rampant dishonesty among some staff members about their attendance records.

He says under the previous clocking-in system teachers cheated by logging in for their colleagues who would be late for school.

Mr Jones says a teacher triggered the change after her chronic tardiness was discovered.

The system has been in place at the school since September this year.

Mr Jones says faced with a challenge, the administration considered solutions which led them to the technology.

Meanwhile, Mr Jones says only 7 of his over 100 staff members including the errant teacher have refused to sign up to the system.

He also sought to allay fears of ease of hacking the device.

Kevin Jones, Principal of Mona High School in St Andrew.

He was speaking last evening on Nationwide@5 with Cliff Hughes and Kemesha Kelly.

Meanwhile, President of the Jamaica Teachers Association, JTA, Owen Speid says while he empathizes with the leadership of Mona High School they must abide by the regulation.

Mr Speid also says he’s not condoning the dishonesty among teachers seeking to take advantage of the school’s clocking in system.

When asked if he’d commend Mona High on their initiative, he had this to say.

Owen Speid, President of the JTA.

He was also speaking on Nationwide@5, last evening with Cliff Hughes and Kemesha Kelly.

In the meantime, yesterday Minister with responsibility for Education, Karl Samuda told the Parliament teachers can’t be compelled to use the biometric scanning system.

He also cited aspects of the regulations from the 1900’s.