A leading cyber security consulting company in the region has found that there’s no current vulnerability in the Government of Jamaica’s Jam-Covid online application which could lead to any form of data exposure or breach.

Nationwide News understands that the findings were communicated to the Holness-administration today by Escala 24×7 inc. 

Escala 24×7 inc. is the only Premier Amazon Web Services, AWS, Consulting Partner in the Caribbean.

The entity has over 10 years of experience in deploying and managing a variety of workload on the amazon web services cloud and is an AWS’s Security Competency holder. 

Escala 24×7 was engaged by the Government of Jamaica earlier this week to conduct a security assessment of its Jam-Covid site.  

A letter sent today by Premier Amazon’s consulting partner to the Government of Jamaica said the company ran a variety of security assessment tools which were later evaluated by its expert security team.

The Cyber-Security Consulting firm said it can report currently, to have found no vulnerabilities that could lead to any form of data exposure or breach at the infrastructure and AWS service level.

Escala 24×7 noted that the scope of its assessment work continues and includes deep security assessment based on six pillars of cloud security.

Earlier this week, the Security Editor at TechCrunch, Zack Whittaker, alleged that the Jam-Covid site had recent exposure of personal data for tens of thousands of Jamaican and international travellers.

It’s understood that Escala 24×7 is to shortly submit to the Government its assessment of the integrity of the security of the Jam-Covid website over the past 90 days.

The  Jam-Covid application, which was developed by the Amber Group last summer, allows users to enter personal data, including medical records, before they are given approval to enter Jamaica. 

The application is also used to track the movement of people placed in quarantine.