Discord between the Jamaica Diaspora organisation in the United States and a vocal, rival faction, is showing no sign of abating as the date of the biennial diaspora conference draws near.

The conference is set for June 16-to-19 at the Montego Bay Convention Centre in St. James.

A prominent member of the diaspora, Dr. Clovis Nelson, is crying foul after a statement he issued decrying what he says are attempts to sully Brand Jamaica, was doctored to come across as criticism of the Holness administration.

Mahiri Stewart has our story.

On Monday, Dr Nelson released a statement denouncing plans by the rival diaspora faction to stage a protest at the Jamaican embassy in Washington, DC. He described the organisers as unpatriotic and treasonous.

But according to Dr. Nelson, a different version of the statement is being circulated in select WhatsApp groups.

The doctored statement, a copy of which has been seen by our news centre, differs significantly from the statement used by our news centre for the story we produced on Monday.

For example, the doctored release uses a negative prefix to the word “honourable” in reference to Prime Minister Holness, and injects a bracketed comment about unexplained wealth.

The doctored statement also replaces the last paragraph of the original document, inviting support for the rival group.

It maintains Dr Nelson’s signature.

Dr. Nelson says he has come under attack because of his strident criticism of those diasporans he believes are hell bent on damaging Brand Jamaica in an effort to undermine the Holness administration.