The One Don/Klansman Gang Trial got off to a late start today due to a case management hearing of another matter that detained the presiding Judge, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes.

At 2:00 pm the prosecution continued its response to no case submissions made by the defense for the alleged gangsters.

The prosecution tried to cement their case against seven of the 28 remaining defendants.

Chevon Campbell has the details.

One of the former gangsters turned state witness had previously testified how, on the orders of the alleged gang leader Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan, a man was murdered in the community of Lauriston in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.

The victim, identified as Outlaw was allegedly murdered by Tareek James alias CJ, supported by another alleged gang member Carl Beech.

The witness says he was transporting James to commit the act when Beech saw the car and signalled him to stop.

Beech saw that James was in the car and gave out “from dem man yah inah di car mi know smaddy a guh dead”.

The evidence is that Beech volunteered to point out the victim who was unknown to the “would-be shooter”….

The prosecution contends that by Beech’s words and actions he exposed his knowledge of the activities normally carried out by the alleged gangsters.

The prosecution submits that sufficient evidence exists for Beech to answer to the charges of being part of a criminal organisation and that of murder.

This as Outlaw’s sister gave evidence of his death.

The prosecution conceded that the witness did not see the actual shooting but James allegedly came back boasting how he committed the crime.

The crown further submitted that the witness testified that he and Beech would attend political meetings and when they do, the One Don faction of the alleged gang would stay together.

Regarding another defendant, Dylan McLean, he was identified by the witness as a top tier member who was tasked with watching persons assigned to collect extortion money.

Chief Justice Bryan Sykes asked “Is there any evidence of actual extortion?”

To which the prosecutor answered saying there was only a recording that was played with a defendant (Citypuss) trying to get through to a businessman for him to pay them money.

McLean is being charged with being part of a criminal organization as well as a double murder and arson.

The prosecution stated that although there is no evidence that McLean was the shooter, according to the witness he was a member of the gang.

This as he went to along with a team to “shell dung fisheries”.

On that basis, the crown submitted that McLean provided support and encouragement.

The trial will reconvene at 10:00 Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes questioned the prosecution whether or not they had proof to substantiate the allegations that gang members were involved in extortion activities.

Justice Sykes said that “no witness, taxi driver nor vendor has come forward to say that they are victims of extortion.”

He said that there has to be actual proof, noting that the witness seemingly testified based on his understanding.

Justice Sykes stated “It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove”.