On day 30 of the Klansman gang trial, the second witness said at least one member of the criminal organization who he said had attempted to bribe him, was not among the 33 defendants.

The witness was responding to a question posed during cross examination by Sasha-Kay Shaw.

Ms. Shaw is representing Joseph McDermott also known as ‘Papa’.

Tauna Thomas reports:

During her cross examination, Ms. Shaw asked the witness if ‘Termite’ was still before the courts.

The witness responded ‘no Mam.’

During cross examination yesterday by defence Attorney Alexander Shaw, the witness identified ‘Termite’ as one of the two gang members who attempted to bribe him.

He revealed yesterday that ‘Termite’ and another gangster ‘Sick Head’ offered him money to not implicate them.

The witness was being asked if he had ever demanded money from Mr. Shaw’s client, Stephanie Christie also known as ‘Muma.’

The witness said no but went on to disclose which members of the gang offered him money.

According to the state witness he got an offer to tell ‘Termite’ and ‘Sick Head’ how much money he wanted.

It’s at this point, the defence attorney questioned the witness asking him if he was not interested in justice.

In response the witness declared he didn’t take the money signaling that he had an interest in justice.

Today, the witness disclosed that he knew ‘Termite’ wasn’t among those before the courts.

In the second witness’ evidence in chief, ‘Termite’ has been described as the don for Top Banks.

The witness says ‘Termite’ was a member of the gang’s hierarchy, similar to Muma.

‘Sick Head’ deputised for him when he was locked up.

The first witness also disclosed that the top tier gangster was responsible for what he calls the wellbeing of the residents of those communities and also decided: “who fi dead and who fi live in these communities.”

Meanwhile, defence attorney Diane Mitchell who is representing Jason Brown also known as ‘City Puss’ had no questions for the second witness.

City Puss has never been identified by the witness.

In previous evidence, the witness said he’s never met the man he called City Puss and only spoke with him on the phone.

He said they would speak on the phone for hours every night in 2019 and would merge calls with the reputed leader of the One Don faction of the Klansman gang Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan and other members.

The trial will resume at 10 am on Monday before Presiding Judge, Chief Justice Bryan