The Prosecution’s second witness in the Klansman gang trial told the court today he’s still interacting with the Police about the gang’s activities. 

The witness who admitted he was a top tier member of the gang, has detailed how he’s assisted officers of the Constabulary’s Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Branch to build a case against the gangsters. 

He’s presenting evidence against 33 alleged member of the Klansman gang including Andre Bryan who he says headed the one Don faction of the criminal organization. 

Stevian Simmonds reports:-

The second witness says when he decided to put an end to the gang, he approached a Policeman he usually sees patrolling his community. 

He says that Policeman was causing trouble for the gang and they were planning to murder him. 

The witness says he knew he could trust that Policeman. 

But he says the policeman told him he had to take evidence to what he calls bigger heads in the force. 

The witness says when he went to CTOC they told him they already knew the information he’d presented to them. 

But he says Senior Officers were adamant he the witness could not have been in interaction with Bryan as he was detained at the time. 

However, he says he provided several statements to the Officers. 

The witness says while Bryan’s brother Kevin Green was also a top tier member of the gang, the gang leader never wanted his brother in too deep. 

He says Bryan would keep Green away from a lot of things. 

But he says Green would be involved in gun buying and testing. 

The witness admitted he did not know very well one of the alleged gangsters he’d pointed out in court recently. 

He made that admission about the accused Damion Elliston, after cross  examination by defense attorneys and questions posed by Presiding Judge Chief Justice Bryan Sykes. 

In the meantime, Attorney representing Jalifah Williams, Abena Morris, declared the witness was a liar, noting he’s made several statements during his testimony about several women he’s been involved with. 

But the witness says his wife knew that was his thing and that he gave trouble. 

The witness says quote: ” I even told her about a outside child i had Maam.” 

The court room erupted in laughter when the witness asked if the line of questioning was relevant to the case 

The witness then insisted he’s being honest in presenting evidence to the court. 

Stevian Simmonds for Nationwide News.