Opposition to the prison deal by Jamaica and Britain is intensifying and has taken on an international flavour.

A first term member of Britain’s parliament, is among more than 8-thousand people, who’ve signed an online petition in protest against the the 25-million-pounds-sterling prison gift to Jamaica, from British Prime Minister, David Cameron.

The Labour MP, Dawn Butler, who’s of Jamaican heritage, is the third black woman to become a British MP after Diane Abbott and Oona King.

The prison deal is attracting outrage in Jamaica and abroad.

Word came today that the first African-Caribbean woman to sit in the UK Cabinet, Dawn Butler, has signed the online petition criticising the deal.

Butler was appointed as Minister for Young Citizens and Youth Engagement in October 2009, under Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s leadership.

She and other petitioners are arguing that it was wrong for Mr. Cameron to have travelled to Jamaica to announce the gift of a prison, yet refused to apologize for slavery.

The petition says Jamaica needs schools, hospitals, equipment and other poverty and crime alleviation measures.

The document says Jamaica does not need additional British-developed criminals to further burden the island.

The petition is aiming to attract the support of 10-thousand persons.

The woman behind the petition, Jacqui Clarke says after the document attracts 20-thousand signatures, she intends for it to be delivered to Prime Minister Cameron.

She spoke with our new centre from the UK.

Up to newstime, it had reached 8-thousand-9-hundred-and-35 signatories.

Most of the signatories are in the UK.

Others are from the US, Portugal, Canada and Jamaica.

The petition can be found on ‘change.org.’

It’s titled ‘Jamaica needs schools and hospitals, not a 25-million-pounds-sterling prison, David Cameron.’

It is expected that a letter with the signatures of all supporters will be delivered to Prime Minister Cameron, when the petition has reached the 20-thousand mark.

Meanwhile, another online group, “Jamaicans in New York”, have also joined in the protest against the prison offer.

They are asking other concerned Jamaicans in the United States to write to the Jamaican Consulate General in New York as well as Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, to register their disapproval of the deal.