Environmentalists in Portland are stepping up action to secure the reopening of the Blue Lagoon.

A protest organised by the Portland Environmental Action was staged at the lagoon in the parish on Saturday afternoon.

The protests, which started around noon, challenged the legality of the closing of the Blue Lagoon.

Public access to the popular attraction has been blocked since last August.

Authorities says the lagoon will remain closed until proper facilities, including sanitary considerations have been put in place.

However, no timeline has been given for the completion of the work.

The Portland Environmental Action notes that the local economy has taken a hit, with up to 50 people in crafts, rafting and other areas being put out of work.

The group is now demanding that public access be granted again to the lagoon.

That’s one of the protesters who identified herself as Dr Jones. She says she’s a member of the Portland Environmental Action.

Three years ago Blue Lagoon was made a national monument by the Jamaica National Heritage Trust, JNHT.