President of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica, PSOJ, Paul B Scott, is criticizing Opposition Leader Portia Simpson Miller for not signing on to the Partnership for a Prosperous Jamaica.

Mrs. Simpson Miller boycotted the signing ceremony, due in part to the use of the word “prosperous”, which is derived from the word ‘prosperity’ which featured heavily in the JLP’s election campaign.

Speaking at the PSOJ’s Christmas luncheon yesterday, Mr. Scott called the decision irresponsible and petty.

He told Nationwide News today that no one should have an issue with the word “prosperous”.

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Scott says the partnership is too important to be boycotted over such a simple concern.

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And, Mr. Scott says the PNP leader’s grouse over the government’s multi million de-bushing and drain cleaning programme, is also not a good reason not to sign on to the partnership.

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