The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica, PSOJ, is the latest group to come out in support of the State of Emergency.

The PSOJ had earlier this month expressed concern that crime is out of control.

PSOJ President Howard Mitchell says the authorities should use the State of Emergency to come up with a national strategy to address the root causes of crime.

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In a statement today, the PSOJ says the State of Emergency– which it describes as an immediate reaction– should not be the final approach to tackling crime.

It says the government should urgently address the lawlessness, which it says has become the norm in our society.

The PSOJ notes the indiscipline on the roads, zoning violations, and violation of the Noise Abatement Act.

It says crime, and lawlessness, has restricted the movement and rights of all law abiding Jamaican citizens. It says the situation is untenable.

The PSOJ says crime has also threatened the country’s number one foreign exchange earner, tourism, and business.