President of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica, Keith Duncan, says the States of Public Emergency, SOEs, are now necessary to save the lives of the Jamaican people from the surge in crime.

He says until crime is under control, measures are needed to reduce the number of murders in the country.

Mr. Duncan was addressing the Westmoreland Chamber of Commerce annual dinner in Savanna-la-Mar.

Duncan says the work of the police force is currently stretched beyond its capacity.

He says the SOEs will assist in providing additional support to the Police in combating gangs.

Keith Duncan, President of the PSOJ.

Meanwhile, Mr. Duncan is commending the Opposition PNP for reaching common ground with the government regarding the Enhanced Security Measures Act, ESMA.

Mr. Duncan says this provides a starting point for real change in the country’s crime fight.

The PSOJ President was speaking recently on Nationwide News.

He’s recognizing Mr. Golding’s support for the use of pre charge detention aimed at known criminals as a means of disrupting their activity.

Mr. Duncan says this is an acceptance on both political sides that extraordinary measures are required.

The PSOJ President says this represents a move away from the political gamesmanship toward genuine consensus.

Keith Duncan, President of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica.