The Public Sector Transformation Oversight Committee, PSTOC is reporting early signs of greater efficiency in the public sector with minimal job losses.

In a statement on Friday, PSTOC says the implementation of the integrated Human Resources and payroll system, MyHR-plus, in a number of ministries, departments and agencies has begun to show early signs of improved internal efficiencies and cost-effectiveness.

PSTOC also says that all fourteen structural benchmarks through to end-November 2017 under the Public Sector Transformation programme have been met.

The benchmarks were set out in the Precautionary Stand-by Arrangement between the Government and the International Monetary Fund, IMF.

It says at its fifth quarterly meeting on Thursday, PSTOC took note that the deadline to submit to Cabinet the proposed rules for hiring, promoting and exiting staff in the public service were met.

PSTOC says a medium-term policy and implementation plan to link performance-based merit increases to the performance management system were also met.

Additionally, it says the October timeframe to merge the National Youth Service, HEART Trust/NTA and the Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning, was met.

However, PSTOC Co-Chair, Danny Roberts, says the protracted wage negotiations between public sector unions and the government could have a negative impact on the transformation.

He’s urging the parties to seriously examine new models of collective bargaining.