Director of Public Prosecution Paula LLewellyn says it has become more difficult over time to prosecute persons under the Perjury Act.

Questions have been raised on whether the prosecution star witness in the just concluded Khajeel Mais/X6 murder trial could be charged after he changed his story on what happened on July 1, 2011 while giving evidence in court.

Wayne Wright denied much of what he told police investigators in his sworn statement.

Ms. Llewellyn was asked whether any action can be taken against the taxi driver.

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Ms. Llewellyn says she was distressed by the U-turn made by the witness during the trial.

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Yesterday, Khajeel’s mother, Allana Mais says she was stunned when she heard Wright say in court that he did not know her son or the family.

She said the family knew Wright, whom they called ‘Youngie’, for years.