A former Commissioner of Police, Owen Ellington, says he believes the Police Services Commission selected George Quallo as the new Commissioner because he will boost morale in the force.

Mr. Ellington says he also believes Mr. Quallo’s operational readiness played a large role in his selection.

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The former commissioner says he does not believe politics plays a role in the selection of a new police commissioner.

He says it was not an issue when he was appointed in 2010.

Mr. Ellington served as Commissioner until his retirement in 2014.

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Owen Ellington; speaking with Dennis Brooks on Nationwide This Morning.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ellington is criticizing the JCF’s intelligence community. He says the force needs to get ‘bright people’ back in the programme.

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And, Mr. Ellington says the new Police Commissioner will have to find ways to use the JCF’s limited resources better.

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