Several voices in the National Security community are endorsing the appointment of DCP George Quallo as Jamaica’s next Police Commissioner.

Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Peter Bunting, is welcoming DCP Quallo’s appointment, hailing him as an Officer who subscribes to the Community Policing philosophy.

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Mr. Bunting — who’s also Member of Parliament for Central Manchester — says his constituents still use DCP Quallo as the standard to judge other Divisional Commanders; years after he served in that capacity in the parish.

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In the meantime, Senior Superintendent of Police, Steve McGregor, says he believes DCP Quallo is ‘prepared’ for the job.

He believes he’ll be able to motivate the men and women of the JCF.

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SSP McGregor is the second in command of the JCF’s Territorial Operations Portfolio. DCP Quallo is in charge of the portfolio.

SSP McGregor says he’s confident DCP Quallo will do well as Police Commissioner, adding he’s ready to support him. He says DCP Quallo has a lot of support among rank and file members of the Police Force.

And, retired Superintendent of Police, Ionie Ramsay Nelson, says she still regrets DCP Novelette Grant wasn’t selected to be the next Police Commissioner.

However, she says DCP Quallo is capable of doing the job. Last week Mrs. Ramsay Nelson said it would be a ‘grave mistake’ if DCP Grant wasn’t selected to be the next Police Commissioner.

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She’s described him as a ‘people-person’, who’s well-loved and respected.

In the meantime, former Commissioner of Police, Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin, says members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force should support the New Commissioner or leave the Force.

The Rear Admiral — who served as Police Commissioner between December 2007 and November 2009 — says he wishes DCP Quallo success in his new post.

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