The National Work’s Agency, NWA, says roads have been rendered impassable due to persistent rain in the parishes of St. Ann, Trelawny and Westmoreland.

In a statement this afternoon, the NWA says it’s monitoring the situation.

It says so far five roadways have been flooded including the road from Brown’s Town to Stewart Town in St. Ann which is impassable at an area known as Standfast.

In Trelawny the roadway from Jackson Town to Ulster Spring is impassable, so is the road from Clarke’s Town to Kinloss.

The road from Duncans to Long Pond and Jackson Town to Stewart Town is flooded.

The NWA says the Whithorn to Ferris roadway in Westmoreland is heavily inundated in the vicinity of the Whithorn police station but is passable.

It says as it continues to rain in these parishes the motoring public should exercise due caution when travelling along the affected roadways.