The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management, ODPEM, is reporting that continuous rainfall has been seriously affecting the parishes of Portland and St. Mary.

ODPEM says the intermittent bouts of rainfall are associated with a trough that’s in the vicinity of the island.

ODPEM says it has received reports that the Tryall Fording in St. Mary is flooded.

Motorists are being asked to proceed with caution as the road is only accessible by single lane traffic.

The main road from Galina to Port Maria, in the vicinity of Little Bay, has had instances of rock fall.

ODPEM says the National Works Agency is on location and has cleared the roadway resulting in single lane access.

The Mayor of Port Maria, Levan Freeman says the rains have been especially heavy in St. Mary over the past four days.

Mayor Freeman says the parish disaster committee met this morning to craft a plan to deal with flooding in vulnerable communities.

Levan Freeman, Mayor of Port Maria, speaking with Nationwide News this afternoon.

Meanwhile heavy rains have flooded several areas and left some major thoroughfares impassable in Portland.

The Mayor of Port Antonio, Benny White says motorists will have a difficult time moving through sections of the parish.

Mayor White says while Port Antonio has been spared the worst of the flooding to date, there have been other disruptions in the town.

Mayor White says emergency funds have been released to undertake the necessary repairs.

Benny White Mayor of Port Antonio, speaking with Nationwide News today.