The attorney for controversial St. Thomas resident, Rameish Simpson made an application for bail on his client’s behalf at the Morant Bay Criminal Court.

Rameish Simpson and his cousin, Richard Simpson are charged with illegal possession of an Uzi sub-machine gun and 16 rounds of ammunition.

Both men, who are being represented by Hensley Williams, appeared in court yesterday.

It’s understood that the Magistrate visited the scene where the men were arrested.

Reports are that on December 17 last year, a Police team was on patrol on the Grants Pen Road in St. Thomas when they signaled the driver of a white Mitsubishi Pajero motorcar to stop.

The driver disobeyed the instructions and drove into a nearby community. The Police gave chase and the motor vehicle was driven into the sea.

Simpson and his cousin, who were found in the vehicle, were arrested. The Police searched the vehicle and found the illegal firearm and ammunition.