It was a bloody weekend in Westmoreland with the killing of five people and the injury of at least one by gunmen who went on a rampage in the parish.

Dead are 41-year-old entertainer Akime Bradbury otherwise called Paparazzi, of Dunbar River, 30-year-old Andreka Smith, of Ricketts Street and 28-year-old HEART NSTA/Trust student, Mark James.

Vendor, Dwayne Fong and 47-year-old welder O’Neil Reid otherwise called Satan were also killed.

On Sunday, at around 10:00 am, gunmen went on the final in a series of rampages.

While no one was killed, the hand of a woman was allegedly grazed by a bullet from the gun of one of six gunmen.

An injured woman of Ricketts Street, Westmoreland.

Mr. Smith and Ms. Bradbury were killed at around 7:30 am on Saturday while Mr. James at around 2:45 Sunday morning.

Mr. James’ father said gang warfare in Savanna-la-Mar is the cause of his son’s death.

Mr. James’ father says the gunmen have no fear for the police.

The father of Mark James who was killed yesterday morning.