Jamaica Football Federation vice president Raymond Anderson who’s challenging for the post of president, today revealed what he says is evidence that members of the incumbent leadership are plotting to disenfranchise voters in the upcoming elections scheduled for January 14 next year.

Anderson and his Real Solid Action team addressed the media at a press conference at the Liguanea Club this morning and pledged to get to the bottom of what they’ve described as a massive electoral fraud say amount to fraud.

The 64 year old who’s been a part of the JFF hierarchy for nearly 40 years, produced what he says is evidence that a high ranking member of the JFF forged the signature of a former Manager of the national team, then as a witness, signed off on a document with said signature attached.

At the centre of the issue is the formation of at least two organizations seeking compliance and ultimately the right to vote in the election.

The Anderson campaign says the two organizations being disenfranchised are the Jamaica Football Coaches Association led by Vin Blaine and the Beach Soccer Jamaica, led by Pat Garel both are in pillar three.

The issue having to do with the forged signature surrounds the formation of the Beach Football Association…as it regards the Jamaica Football Coaches Association, the Anderson campaign has accused the Rickettes administration of creating ‘Shell’ companies, formed by directors and federation staff members, intended on replacing the Jamaica Football Coaches Association.

They also released a document from the Companies Offices of Jamaica indicating that the Jamaica Coaches Association Limited does not appear on their list of registered companies.

Anderson says he always suspected foul play, but he only got the evidence when he visited the Federation last Friday.

The RSA says it has already made contact with the Electoral Committee, who it expects to thoroughly examine the evidence presented as a matter of urgency and with fairness.

Anderson says they are not ruling out the possibility of seeking an injunction to stop the election, but noted that they are nowhere close to that at the moment.

JFF Presidential aspirant Raymond Anderson.