Prominent Corporate Area real estate broker, Beverly Barakat, has been freed of multiple criminal charges.

Mrs. Barakat was freed in the St. Andrew Parish Court recently. She had been jointly charged with recently disbarred Attorney, Jennifer Messado, for conspiracy to defraud in connection with what was described as the illegal transfer of a property.

Mrs. Barakat was also charged with forgery as well as operating a real estate brokerage firm without a license. But the real estate broker was freed last week when her Attorney, Pierre Rodgers, submitted to the Court that his client did not act outside of the remit of what’s expected of a real estate agent.

The Clerk of the Court reviewed the case file and told the Judge there’d be a difficulty proving the conspiracy charge against Mrs. Barakat because a prima facie case wasn’t made out against her.

All charges against Mrs. Barakat were subsequently dismissed.