Councillor for the Grange Hill Division, Lawton McKenzie, has returned to the PNP caucus in the Westmoreland Municipal Corporation.

Councillor McKenzie had been serving as an Independent Councillor since mid July, after resigning from the PNP.

Two of his former colleagues on the PNP benches, Garfield James of the Sheffield Division and Ian Myles of the Little London Division, joined the ranks of the JLP on Thursday.

Speaking with our news centre on Friday, Councillor McKenzie says he has decided to return home.

Councillors McKenzie, Myles and James walked out on the PNP on July 10 in protest at the decision by the party to clear the path for Ian Hayles to be installed as caretaker for the Western Westmoreland constituency.

Councillor McKenzie says he’s disappointed that his two former comrades have switched sides.

Lawton McKenzie, Councillor for the Grange Hill Division in Westmoreland.

The JLP and the PNP now both have six seats in the corporation.