Red Stripe is set to embark on a $2.2 billion expansion project to modernise their brewing operations.

The company made the announcement in a statement Friday afternoon.

The beverage producer says its investment will facilitate a 34% expansion in beer production to improve operational sustainability, boost efficiency and safety and further mitigate hygiene risks.

Red Stripe says it has partnered with several local suppliers to support the installation of tanks and piping systems, upgrade automation systems, pilot civil engineering and demolition, among other tasks.

The company says the official launch of the project will be March 28, with Prime Minister Andrew Holness delivering the keynote address.

“The launch of the CERS Project is a significant milestone for Red Stripe. It represents improvements in production and operational efficiency and our foray into a new age of greater sustainable manufacturing,” asserted Red Stripe Managing Director Luis Prata.

Mr Prata says Red Stripe’s move is proof a Jamaican company can produce world-class efficiency. He says the move will enhance Red Stripe’s legacy of excellence and on its investment in Jamaica.

Red Stripe says the investment symbolises the company’s confidence in Jamaica’s improved investment climate, optimistic macroeconomic forecast, and increases in consumer confidence.

Mr Prata says the initiative will also enhance the company’s environmental footprint.

Red Stripe employs more than 300 employees to produce Red Stripe beer, which was first brewed in Jamaica in 1928. It is now available in over 25 markets around the world.

Red Stripe also distributes Heineken, Dragon, Guinness, Smirnoff, Baileys, Johnnie Walker, Tanqueray, and Zacapa.