Telecoms ministers across the region have indicated they’ll not be persuaded by telecommunications providers to ban services such as Skype, Viber and other applications in the Caribbean.

Telecoms firms operating in the region have argued that they are losing revenue to the creators of what are known as over the top services or OTTs.

Digicel has been particularly critical of the OTT providers, accusing them of making money off its infrastructure without paying fair or in some cases any compensation.

Digicel had even gone as far as to block some of the services.

But St. Lucia’s Telecommunications Minister, Dr. James Fletcher, says the consensus from a recent meeting of ministers is that the services should remain available.

Dr. Fletcher says he recently attended a meeting of the Caribbean Association of National Telecommunications Organizations, CANTO.

He says CANTO members were asked if they would move to block OTTs and the answer was a resounding no.

He says one minister told the meeting that if he did so in his home country, he would be committing political suicide.