Prominent Attorneys, Carolyn Reid Cameron & Caroline Hay, were yesterday formally appointed as Queen’s Counsel during a ceremony at the Supreme Court in Downtown Kingston.

The ceremony was attended by several leading members of the legal fraternity including – Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, DPP Paula Llewelyn, Attorney General Marlene Malahoo Forte, Court of Appeal President, Justice Dennis Morrison and Senate President, Tom Tavares Finson.

The appointment of Queen’s Counsel is made to attorneys who’ve served at the Bar for at least ten years and displayed good character as well as a track record of excellence.

Mrs. Hay is a former Senior Deputy DPP who now operates her own law firm – Caroline Hay: Attorneys At Law.

Mrs. Reid Cameron is a well-known criminal defense attorney who has served as Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions before she entered private practice in 1996. She’s the lead attorney at Carolyn Reid & Company.