Education Minister, Ruel Reid, says a reported criticism of his Ministry by some leaders of Church-run schools doesn’t reflect the relationship the two parties share.

Some representatives of the Ecumenical Education Committee, EEC, are reportedly concerned about what they see as insults and directives from the Education Ministry regarding how schools are to be operated.

The EEC comprises a trust and church bodies that own and sponsor schools.

However, Minister Reid says his Ministry shares what he calls a ‘cordial relationship’ with the leaders of Church-run schools.

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The EEC has also reportedly taken issue with the Ministry’s role in deciding who gets appointed to school boards.

Minister Reid says Church-run schools must adhere to the National Education policy.

The Education Minister says that includes adhering to the Ministry’s decisions about who sits on public school boards.

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In the meantime, the Education Minister says the Ministry’s non-mandatory tuition policy, has been a success.

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The leadership of several Church-run schools were among those sceptical of the Ministry’s non-mandatory tuition policy when it was implemented in 2016.