Students, parents and teachers say they’re relieved the Grade Six Achievement Test, GSAT is now completed.

Nearly 40,000 students island wide sat GSAT over the past two days.

Grade six students at the Half Way Tree Primary School, in St Andrew, say the test was challenging and they’re now glad it’s over.

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One parent of a grade six student at the Rousseau Primary School in St Andrew expressed delight that the stress of the exam is over.

He says his son’s now able to relax.

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Principal of the Rousseau Primary School, Owen Speed, says his students were well prepared for the exam.

He says he brought in extra help from outside the school to enure the students were able to cope with the stress of GSAT.

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And, Director of Corporate Communication in the Education Ministry, Colin Steer says the second day of the Grade Six Achievement Test, GSAT, was almost incident free.

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Colin Steer is encouraging students and parents to relax as they wait for the results.