Former Senior Superintendent of police, Reneto Adams says outgoing Police Commissioner Owen Ellington, should find better excuses than the ones he has used to justify his decision to proceed on early retirement.

Commissioner Ellington says he’s retiring early in order to separate himself from the leadership and management of the police force, prior to the upcoming Commission of Enquiry into the 2010 Tivoli incursion, as well as an INDECOM investigation into allegations of a police death squad operating in Clarendon.

But Mr. Adams says Mr. Ellington must give the pubic better reasons.

In July 2001, the then SSP Adams was a pivotal figure in a now-infamous raid on Tivoli Gardens.

Twenty-seven people were killed in that operation.

A Commission of Enquiry later absolved Adams of responsibility.

The controversial and colorful former policeman says he faced the music during his enquiry and that Commissioner Ellington should have stayed on and done the same.

Mr. Adams says he isn’t convinced of the reasons that Mr. Ellington has given for leaving the force.

And that pressure, Mr. Adams says, includes calls from the political directorate for Commissioner Ellington to reinstate several policemen who were disciplined or dismissed for corruption and abuse of power.

During his tenure, Commissioner Ellington oversaw perhaps the most successful anti-corruption drive in the history of the Constabulary force.

According to Mr. Adams, that success may have earned him many enemies.

Mr. Adams says the government may not have wanted to go into another general election with someone as strong willed as Commissioner Ellington at the head of the police force.

Meanwhile Mr. Adams is criticizing INDECOM, saying the body is a major hindrance to the work of the Constabulary Force.

Retired Senior Superintendent of Police, Reneto Adams, speaking on Nationwide This Morning.

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