The Jamaica Public Service Company, JPS was the most complained-about utility provider in the last quarter of 2014.

That’s according to the quarterly report of the Office of Utilities Regulation, OUR, for the period October to December last year.

44-percent of complaints were about the JPS, while 27-percent were about the National Water Commission, NWC.

Telecoms company LIME received 20-percent of complaints, while Digicel received only 5-percent.

The OUR says the number of complaints increased, both in comparison to the previous quarter and the previous year.

Most of the additional complaints were about LIME’s plan to charge for paper bills, which the company subsequently put on hold.

Nearly half of all complaints were about billing concerns, mostly against JPS and NWC.

This was followed by interruption of service, mostly from LIME customers.

LIME and JPS both topped complaints about poor customer service.

For the quarter, the OUR says it secured nearly 4-million dollars in refunds for customers, 85-percent of which went to JPS customers.