The Supreme Court has turned down an application barring the eviction of residents at a property at 85 Red Hills Road in St. Andrew.

The decision — which was handed down yesterday — could mean several families living at the property could be removed.

The eviction was halted following the government’s intervention last Thursday.

At that time, Minister with responsibility for Housing, Dr. Horace Chang argued that the government has the right to acquire the land for housing purposes.

This, after residents protested their removal by the owners who want the land for commercial use.

When contacted last evening, Minister Chang said he’s waiting to be fully briefed on the ruling before discussing the government’s next move.

Member of Parliament for the area and Government Minister, Karl Samuda, refused to comment on the matter.

He told our News Centre last evening to direct all questions to Minister Chang.

Last week — at the scene of a protest after a judge had ordered the eviction — Mr. Samuda said any judge who declares that a person who claims to own the land, has the right to evict the residents should not to be ‘tolerated’.

He’s been criticized for the comment.

Yesterday, the President of the Jamaican Bar Association, Sherry Ann McGregor, called the comment unfortunate and ill-considered.

She’s calling for all civic-minded Jamaicans to reject it.

Minister Samuda has stood by his statement.