The MP for East Rural St. Andrew, the PNP’s Damion Crawford is urging the Simpson Miller administration to resist calls to lay-off some public sector workers.

The Government is currently at loggerheads with unions representing public sector workers, over the wage package for the new contract period.

Finance Minister, Dr. Peter Phillips says the government cannot afford more than a 7-percent increase over two years, a position rejected by the workers.

Prominent members of the private sector are among those who say the government should reduce the size of the public sector workforce, in order to grant a reasonable wage increase.

But Mr. Crawford, says those calls must be resisted.

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Mr. Crawford was addressing a recent PNP meeting in Nannyville, St. Andrew.

He argued that any move to lay off public sector workers would be counter productive.

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Mr. Crawford says the government must move swiftly to repair an apparent break down in communication with the island’s public sector workers.

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