Local anti-corruption watchdog, the National Integrity Action, NIA, is calling for the spectrum license that’s been granted to telecoms company, Caricel, to be revoked.

Executive Director of the NIA, Professor Trevor Munroe, says the company has failed to live up to proper scrutiny.

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Professor Munroe says if the license is not revoked it could have serious implications for Jamaica’s ranking on the International Corruption Perception Index.

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Contractor General, Dirk Harrison, had recommended that the government not grant the license to Caricel because of doubts about the fit and proper credentials of its shareholders.

However, the government went ahead and approved the license.

Professor Munroe says the government must move quickly to complete several anti-corruption legislative changes to secure gains made in the fight against corruption.

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Meanwhile, one of the lawyers representing Caricel, Bert Samuels, says allegations about an associate of the company must be proven before its license is revoked.

Caricel is heading back to the Supreme Court tomorrow in a bid to keep its controversial license.

Nationwide News understands that US officials have told the Jamaican government they’re concerned about a number of associates of Caricel and how the company is being funded.

They’ve raised several concerns which would make Caricel unfit to own and operate a spectrum license.

But Mr. Samuels says these must be proven.

Nationwide News reported yesterday than an associate of Caricel is under investigation by US authorities for connections to drug trafficking and lottery scamming.

High ranking representatives of the US say steps are being taken to prepare extradition proceedings against an associate of Caricel .

They say should the individual visit the US, it’s highly likely he’d be immediately taken into police custody to face a federal indictment.

Mr. Samuels says he’s alarmed by the approach being taken by US law enforcement.

Nationwide News has been reporting that National Security Minister, Robert Montague, has advised Technology Minister, Dr. Andrew Wheatley, to begin the process of revoking the license issued to Caricel.

The decision followed a high level meeting involving Jamaican government officials and representatives of the US Government.

The United States has provided what’s being called ‘hard evidence’ to the Holness-administration which would disqualify Caricel from owning and operating a telecoms license.

Minister Montague has refused to confirm or deny whether he’s given instructions to his colleague.