Nationwide News understands that a senior executive at Rick’s Cafe in Negril has been summoned to appear in Court in connection with two alleged breaches of the law.

The company’s Financial Controller, Conroy Barrett, was served with two summonses by the police on Thursday.

The police say Barrett has been summoned to Appear in Court on June 22 in connection with allegations that Rick’s Cafe had been operating without a Spirits Licence.

Barrett is to also appear in Court on the same day in connection with allegations that Rick’s had been operating without an Amusement Licence which is required under the Municipal Corporations Act.

Barrett was questioned by the police this week in the presence of his Attorney, Queen’s Counsel Peter Champagnie.

When contacted on Thursday, Mr. Champagnie declined to comment.

Barrett was allegedly on the premises of Rick’s Cafe on the day the controversial Mochafest event was held.

He denies wrongdoing.

The police are reportedly moving to obtain additional legal advice in connection with Rick’s Cafe’s alleged breach of the Disaster Risk Management Act, DRMA.

Rick’s Cafe was ordered closed for a week after videos emerged online of hundreds of patrons at the event.

The patrons were not wearing masks or practising social distancing.

Rick’s Cafe was eventually closed for 10 days and their Covid-19 certification was withdrawn.

The Cafe was allowed to resume operations this week after it reportedly moved to regularise its operations in accordance with the law.

Rick’s Cafe has gained popularity over the years as an entertainment spot in Negril, Jamaica.

The Chief Executive Officer of Rick’s Cafe is Steve Ellman.

Mr. Ellman is also the Chairman and CEO of the well known entity, Branded Cities, which operates in the United States and Canada.