Two leading local human and gays rights activists are welcoming President Barack Obama’s comments on local soil about the need to create an inclusive society for members of the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender, LGBT community.

Speaking at yesterday’s town hall meeting at the University of the West Indies, President Obama highlighted the story of a Jamaican woman, Angeline Jackson, who’s a lesbian.

Obama urged young people in the Caribbean to help create societies where the rights of all, including members of the LGBT community, are respected.

Executive Director of the the Jamaica Forum of Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays, J-FLAG, Dane Lewis, says he’s ‘thankful’ President Obama not only raised the issued — but also ‘celebrated’ the work of Angeline Jackson.

Mr. Lewis says Jamaica remains a ‘difficult’ place for LGBT people despite advances that’ve been made. He says there’s a still a long way to go.

Prominent member of Jamaicans for Justice, Susan Goffe, is also welcoming Obama’s message.

Ms. Goffe is also welcoming comments on Twitter from the US National Security Advisor, Susan Rice who travelled to Jamaica with President Obama.

Ms. Rice wrote that laws and violence against members of the LGBT community are unacceptable everywhere.

She said this is the global policy of the Obama administration and he discussed the matter in Jamaica.