Nationwide News understands that the man being sought by the police for an alleged rape and shooting at a popular hotel in Montego Bay is now in police custody.

Reports are about 10:45 pm Thursday, two women from Detroit, Michigan in the USA, were in their hotel room when a man armed with a handgun entered through the balcony door.

The man reportedly held both women at gunpoint and forced them to have sex with him.

It’s alleged that while he was raping the second woman, the first victim managed to disarm him and shoot him in the upper body.

The suspect reportedly ran from the room onto the balcony then jumped to the ground and escaped.

The police were alerted, and upon their arrival, a 9-millimeter Glock 17 pistol with a magazine containing 16 cartridges was handed over to the police.

Nationwide News understands the suspect sought medical attention at the May Pen Hospital in Clarendon after fleeing the premises.

There are conflicting stories emerging from sources close to the matter, who claim the suspect, who works at the hotel, didn’t force the women to have sexual intercourse with him.

It’s alleged the suspect was invited to the room by the females before they were joined by another man believed to be a licensed firearm holder. It’s reported that during the sexual encounter, one of the females pulled the firearm from its owner and shot the suspect.

The Freeport Police are investigating. Calls to the station and the hotel on Sunday went unanswered.