The court dispute between prominent Corporate Area Resident Magistrate, Stephanie Jackson-Haisley and her former domestic helper, Marcia Wellington, is deepening.

Ms. Wellington is this afternoon to file a second lawsuit against her former boss.

The domestic helper has already sued RM Jackson-Haisley for under-payment and for breaching the minimum wage act.

RM Jackson-Haisley responded by accusing her former employee of attempting to extort her, in papers filed in court on December 29.

Jackson-Haisley says a finding by the Labour Ministry that she possibly underpaid her helper by over 30-thousand dollars, was arrived at based on mis-information.

In her submission to the court, RM Jackson-Haisley, claimed that her former employee was an extortionist who performed poorly on the job.

But an angry Ms. Wellington is hitting back.

She says the RM had promised to make the outstanding payment but made a u-turn, shortly after the story hit the news media.

The domestic helper says she’ll be filing another lawsuit against the RM to restore her good name.

In her a document filed in Court, Miss Wellington noted that recently RM Jackson-Haisley wrote a recommendation for her where she was described as honest.

The court matter between the Resident Magistrate and her former employee is unique, given that it pits a prominent member of the bench against an unlikely claimant.

Ms. Wellington says she’s taking a stand for all maligned workers in Jamaica.

Contacted this afternoon by our news center for a response to Ms. Wellington, RM Jackson-Haisley’s lawyer, Simone Mayhew indicated that she’d not offer a comment at this time until she and her client have further consultations.