Member of Parliament for South East St. Catherine, the JLP’s Robert Miller, says Opposition Leader, Mark Golding should step down in light of the revelation of his British citizenship.

Mr. Miller is also accusing Mr. Golding of pursuing tactics to distract from what he sees as the Opposition Leader’s grave disloyalty and hesitancy to fully commit to Jamaica.

Shaloy Smikle tells us more.

In a statement on Friday, Mr. Miller described Mr. Golding as the British Leader of the Jamaican Opposition.

He says the Opposition PNP has sought to raise issues that are of absolutely no relevance to the core matter at hand. 

He says that at a time when Jamaica is on the verge of becoming a republic, Mr. Golding is obstructing the process.

The South East St. Catherine MP also questions whether the Opposition Leader sees no ethical conflict in encouraging everyone else to give up the British monarch while retaining his privileges and allegiance.

Mr. Miller says this is further complicated by the last-minute withdrawal of consensus by Mr. Golding from the Constitutional Review process.  

He is also concerned that Mr. Golding seems hesitant to relinquish his British citizenship, while hiding behind the notion that it is permissible in law. 

Mr. Miller says these are the real issues, and no amount of distraction on the part of the Opposition can cure this fundamental breach. 

The South East St. Catherine MP says the position of the British Leader of the Jamaican Opposition remains untenable and incurable.

He says as a young Jamaican, he is disturbed and offended that Mr. Golding would have sought to lead the country while retaining citizenship and allegiance to another country.