State Minister and Senior Parliamentarian, Rudyard Spencer today gave an official public apology to the nation for comments he made at a Jamaica Labour Party meeting last weekend that was considered partisan.

At an Area Council meeting in Bellefield Manchester, Mr. Spencer promised increased help to JLP supporters through the Rural Agricultural Development Authority, RADA, now that another party member was Chairman of the entity.

Mr. Spencer today officially apologised on Nationwide while speaking to Mark Wignall during the programme Cliff Hughes Online. The senior parliamentarian requested to come on the show to issue his apology.

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Last week, Mr. Spencer was heavily criticised for his comments.

General Secretary of the Opposition People’s National Party, Julian Robinson, says Mr. Spencer who represents a constituency with many farming communities should have known better.

The PNP had called for Mr. Spencer to apologise to farmers across the country for his attempt at politicizing the distribution of farm products and other resources. Mr. Spencer says his error has morphed into a teachable moment.

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