Wanted man and recent lock-up escapee Rudolph ‘Boxer’ Shaw was killed in a confrontation with the police, a short while ago.

Another man, who was with Shaw at a guest house in St Andrew, was also killed. The police say two guns were seized following the incident and a woman has been arrested.

According to the police, detectives from the Constabulary’s Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch, CTOC, tracked Shaw to a guest house in off Molynes Road in St Andrew.

The police have been tracking Shaw since he escaped from custody at the Kingston Central lock up on Thursday.

According to reports, Shaw and the other man opened fire at the police when they swooped down on their location at the guest house. The police say Shaw and the other man were both shot and injured.

The police say a .45 pistol and a 9mm pistol were seized during the incident.

The woman who’s been taken into custody was reportedly in the company of the men at the time of the operation.

Shaw became St Catherine’s most wanted man following a series of murders in the St Catherine North Police Division earlier this year. He was allegedly the leader of the Wildlife Gang.

He reportedly fled the island while being pursued by the Joint Anti-Gang Task Force, however, he was deported back to Jamaica in July after being arrested in the Cayman Islands.

His escape from the Central Kingston lock-up this week prompted a high level investigation by the constabulary.