A former driver of fired Education Minister, Ruel Reid, is distancing himself from the deepening money scandal rocking the Caribbean Maritime University, CMU, as he’s denying having ever been contracted as a caterer by the university.

Yesterday, Members of Parliament’s Public Administration and Appropriations Committee, PAAC, Mikael Phillips and Fitz Jackson, questioned whether Reid’s former driver, Devon McQueen, was contracted by the CMU.

Abka Fitz-Henely reports.

The Opposition MPs on the PAAC questioned whether McQueen was contracted as a caterer for the CMU’s Career Advancement Programme – Youth Empowerment Services, CAP-YES.

Mr. McQueen contacted our news centre today.

He says he wants to clear his name.

Mr. McQueen says he knows nothing about catering.

And, at no time did he supply any catering services to the CMU.

Mr. McQueen says earlier this year he was interviewed by the Police.

He says he told investigators that at no time did he consent to have his name used as a caterer for the CMU.

Mr. McQueen also says he never collected any money in that capacity.

He says he does not know but it’s possible that his name may have been used and listed as caterer at the CMU.

But, he says he has no idea who may have used his name.

Calls placed this afternoon to CMU President, Dr. Fritz Pinnock, to find out whether Mr. McQueen is on the university’s record as a caterer were not answered.

Our news centre was also unable to contact the CMU’s acting-President, Professor Ibrahim Ajagunna for comment.

In the meantime…Mr. McQueen says earlier this year he left his job as former Minister Reid’s driver because he was not satisfied with how he was being treated.

He says he’s feels badly about the scandal which has engulfed both Reid and the CMU.

Devon McQueen, former driver of fired Education Minister Ruel Reid, speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.