Resident Magistrate, Simone Wolfe-Reece, this afternoon admonished prosecutors as the perverting the course of justice trial of dancehall entertainer, Vybz Kartel, stalled in the Corporate Area Criminal Court.

Kartel, is jointly charged with deejay, Gaza Slim and Andre Henry, otherwise called ‘Pim Pim’.

Slim, whose given name is Vanessa Saddler, is accused of reporting to the Police that she was robbed by Clive Lizard Williams.

In April, Kartel and three men were convicted of murdering Williams.

Prosecutors are alleging that Slim, acting on the instructions of Kartel, conspired to deceive the Police into believing that Williams was not dead.

The trial was postponed today until Thursday as Prosecutors reported that two main witnesses from Digicel Jamaica limited were not in Court.

Attorneys representing Gaza Slim also complained that they’ve not been served approximately five statements by the prosecution.

RM Reece reacted saying she’s extremely disappointed at the sloppiness on the part of the prosecution.

The RM said the matter had been long set for trial and she was upset that she’s now being told “a long story about witnesses not being at Court”.

Kartel’s attorney Christian Tavares Finson indicated that he was ready for trial.

ChrisTavares updates on proceedings – August 11, 2014

Tavares Finson says his client who’s appealing his life sentence after being convicted of murder, is taking things in stride.

Tavares says Kartel doing well

It appears, Kartel’s co-accused, Andre Henry also called Pim Pim may have to find a new lawyer by Thursday.

This, as his attorney, Peter Champaigne, advised the Court today of issues concerning whether Pim Pim is able to make good on commitments made.

Kartel appears to have put on weight, is much darker than when he was sentenced in April, and has a slight paunch.

The entertainer grinned and spoke to Pim Pim as he sat in the prisoners’ dock.
His deejay protege, a poker faced Gaza Slim who sat beside him, was ignored.

While arriving and departing Court, the entertainer saluted scores of supporters.

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