Industry, Commerce and Agriculture Minister, Karl Samuda, is warning senior persons in his Ministry who fail to implement government policies to step aside.

He’s also signalled that he’s to look at ways to take action against persons who’ve not been proactive in tackling challenges affecting farmers.

Minister Samuda pointed to the Ministry’s handling of the frosty pod outbreak affecting cocoa.

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A strident Mr. Samuda says he’s now ‘sick and tired’ of getting bad reports because the appropriate action was not taken in a timely manner.

He commended the Prime Minister for merging the Industry and Commerce with the Agriculture and Fisheries portfolios saying he, the Minister, is not about maintaining the status quo.

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Minister Samuda says the Ministry must safeguard against challenges such as the beet armyworm affecting escallion and onions.

According to the Agriculture Minister, he’d take energy over experience going forward.

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Minister Samuda was speaking at the Launch of Eat Jamaica today at the Ministry’s Hope Gardens office in St Andrew.