The petition to Save the Cockpit Country is back online, after being down from the Office of the Prime Minister’s website for several hours.

The petition was taken down at 3:30 yesterday afternoon, and put back up at 9 this morning. It currently has over 12,500 signatures of the 15,000 required.

According to Communications Director at the Office of the Prime Minister, Robert Morgan, the petition was taken down due to concerns about suspicious activity.

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However, CEO of the Jamaica Environment Trust, JET, Diana McCaulay says the large increase in signatures this week is likely the result of a massive social media campaign over the past few days.

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She’s also expressing concerns about some of the requirements to sign the petition. She says some Jamaicans who live abroad weren’t able to sign.

Others never received the confirmation email that must be responded to. And some people without and email address also couldn’t participate.

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You can visit the Office of the Prime Minister’s website, to sign the petition.

It must reach 15,000 signatures by Friday, September 30 in order for the Prime Minister to consider it.

The petition is asking for the government to set the boundaries of the Cockpit Country, close it to mining and quarrying, and declare it a protected national park.