President of the Small Business Association of Jamaica, Michael Lecky, is calling for urgent state intervention to assist the sector he says has lost some 40-percent of businesses.

He says the small business sector is struggling.

Mr. Lecky says with persistent national lock downs his remaining members are taking a serious hit to their profit margins.

Stevian Simmonds reports.

As the country enters a third period of no movement days starting Sunday and ending Wednesday, small businesses are pleading for urgent assistance from the government.

Mr. Lecky says he understands the measures the government has to take to stem the spread of Covid-19.

Mr. Lecky says nearly half of the small business sector has been forced to shut down due to the impact of the pandemic.

He notes the government has provided financial assistance to small businesses under the national Social and Economic Recovery and Vaccination Programme.

But Mr. Lecky says small business could benefit from further intervention.

He’s also calling on the government to expand the E-commerce National Delivery Solution ENDS programme to include other products apart from food.