Prime Minister Andrew Holness, says young people are leaving school with skills which are not relevant to the current job market.

Speaking at the Kingston Technical High School yesterday, the Prime Minister highlighted that the country’s labour pool is not currently adequate to meet the demands of the economy, noting that graduating students who are going to enter the work force need to be highly skilled, well trained and aligned with industry needs.

He stated that while the probability of school leavers facing difficulties entering the work force is decreasing, it is important that students make career and training choices which are in line with the future of work in the country.

According to the Prime Minister, even though there are many jobs available in the economy, the country faces the issue of structural unemployment which occurs when there is a mismatch between the available jobs and persons seeking employment.

He is therefore encouraging students to align their career choices, education and skills to the jobs that are available in the economy and those that will become available in the economy.