Several schools in the Corporate Area were forced to send their students home from as early as 9-this morning, as smog from the fire at the Riverton City Dump disrupted classes.

Principal of Duhaney Park Primary, Lydia Richards, says the effect from the smog was as bad as last Friday, where thousands of students from over 50 schools in the Corporate Area and St. Catherine were forced to seek medical care.

Ms. Richards says GSAT students have become anxious.

The exams which were slated to take place on Thursday and Friday of this week were postponed until March 26 and 27.

Lydia Richards, Principal of Duhaney Park Primary, speaking this morning with Nationwide News.

Education Ministry Confirms Closure

Meanwhile the Education Ministry says eight schools in parts of St. Catherine and the Corporate Area, were confirmed closed by 10-this morning, due to the effects of the fire at Riverton.

In St. Andrew, Dupont Primary, Duhaney Park Primary, Pembroke Hall High, Cockburn Gardens Primary and Junior High as well as George Headley Primar, all closed their doors early.

In St. Catherine, the Hydel Group of schools, Waterford High and Portsmouth Primary were also forced to close early.

Severely Affected

Meanwhile the Principal at Dupont Primary, Andrew Roe says both students and teachers were severely affected by the smog this morning.

Mr. Roe says the disruption in classes couldn’t come at a worse time for some students.

Andrew Roe, Principal of Dupont Primary and Infant School.